Market Pop-up

Our second Deptford market event happened in late November 2019. With permission from the archive we built special cabinets for each room (Living room, Kitchen and Children’s room) to showcase selected archive objects.

On the same day Clapham Film Unit invited an Oral Historian to run am open workshop on recording oral histories. This enabled volunteers to ; explore the market, interview each other about chosen objects that they found at Deptford market’s famous flea market. A selection of these audio pieces will be featured in our Oral History Page.

The general public were invited to leave their memories triggered by the objects whilst viewing the items or sitting in the memory chair.

” We had a radio like this in Spain, its still working!”

” Grandfather inherited one like this. I remember tuning in…”

” My mum had one like that in Peru, I left aged 5″

” I remember buying one of these from here and people saying, ‘dont use it – people died using them”

” Used to have to fill paraffin heater from the garage. Always used to smell. No double glazing, coal fires”

*”Got one of these at home, i’m still on pounds and ounces”

NB. * Can you guess where these scales are from originally in Lewisham?


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